Emergency Dental Services in Calgary, Alberta

Damage to your teeth can happen when you least expect it. In the event of a dental emergency, including chipped, damaged, or lost teeth, or intense tooth pain, call our offices at Downtown Dental in Calgary, Alberta. Our dental professionals will fit you in as soon as possible to ensure you get the urgent care you require.

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What Qualifies As a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any scenario where your teeth need urgent attention. This can include sudden or severe pain in your teeth or gums (a sign of possible infection), damage to your teeth (chipped, broken, or missing teeth), or injuries to the soft tissues in your mouth (lacerations or bleeding). If you or someone close to you is suffering from a dental emergency, call our offices right away to schedule an urgent appointment and receive guidance.

What Should I Do In a Dental Emergency?

When a dental emergency arises, you should call our office to make an urgent appointment as soon as you’re in a safe place. Some oral injuries need to be treated right away in order to prevent further procedures, such as partially dislodged teeth. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and treat the injury with care until your appointment. You’ll want to clean any injured areas in the mouth with warm water and use a cold, clean towel or cloth to prevent possible swelling. If your tooth has been knocked out, keep it moist in saliva or milk (water will dehydrate the tooth).

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