Dentist Accepting New Patients

First impressions are powerful. We believe the new patient experience is the foundation for a healthy and happy relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Your new patient experience begins the moment you enter our office and are greeted by our friendly reception team. After touring our modern facility, you receive a thorough cleaning and full exam, complete with x-rays and camera images of your teeth and oral cavity. Afterwards we talk with you one on one. We want to understand your health goals and concerns, as well as educate you on how your teeth affect your overall health. Each patient is unique, and our goal is to tailor a comprehensive dental treatment plan for you and your ever-changing needs.

Our caring staff focus on positive patient outcomes and believe this is achieved largely through clear, open and honest communication. In addition, our reception team provides new patients with a breakdown of your financial treatment plan, including insurance coverage. Although we do not direct bill, we genuinely care about your financial situation, and will ensure your insurance process runs smoothly.

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